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There are, about 200,000 different groups/bands listed (160,000 + different names) in this project ranging from 1960 (approx) to the present day, and all types of music are included.

  The venues listed in England are currently running at over 5,000 in total and over 11,000 worldwide.

  This project also contains over 22,720 individuals with a list of bands and musicians that they have been associated with.

  Also included are over 6,070 record labels and some of the artists that had recordings released by them. No single artists are included in the band listings, well not intentionally anyway.

  Unlike similar list's you will find on the Internet and in books, this list contains names of all groups that existed at some time, whether or not they ever released any official records. Some are 'only' cover bands who may 'only' have played in their local area. However, they all existed somewhere at sometime. Also, unlike certain other listings where the author has included errors on purpose - to see if anyone copies 'their work'(?) and/or to try to make money by suing them? -  this does not, well... not intentionally anyway.

  The information in this project was gathered from a multitude of sources and some may be erroneous: if you notice something is wrong please let me know and I will change it!

  Most lengthy internet listings of 'groups' usually consist of a lot of individuals and small companies, etc, as well as more than one listing for the same band. I have not purposely included individuals who may use a name, which appears to be a group or any 'companies, etc'. If you see any please email me with this information and they will be removed.

Remember, when looking for a particular name or group, the different ways that it could be spelt and also bear in mind that many groups combine two/three words into one, i.e. Skydog.

  The information about each group/band will be gradually increased in time. Any information about any of the groups listed (and others) would be very welcome and will be included when I update this list. Also included (in pink) is a description of how the group 'might' have decided on their name, i.e. The name of a character from the past or maybe a slang term, etc etc.  

  The Hyperlinks in section 3 can be used by holding dwn the CTRL key and clicking with the mouse button the initial you want.

  Section 2 (Gigs) was never meant to have a complete list of everyone who had played at a certain venue, but just to indicate the type of music that was played live there at any given time. More venues will be added to this list over a period of time. More information will be listed about the individual venues when time allows. If you have anything which could be added please let me know.
   Section 4 (Services): When time allows I will add more Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Studios and Music and Instrument shops. If you want to send me items to be added to this section I will do so as time allows. I'll even send you a free copy when I have done so, providing you send me an address.

Please note

   [bow]  after an entry stands for 'bands own work' meaning the band have submitted their own entry.
   It is my intention, if I ever get the time, to put bands with the same name in order from the earliest band in position one and so on.


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